We call for the resignation of the school’s management team

The signatories, as mothers, fathers or legal guardians of students of the Pau Casals school in Vacarisses, support the request for the resignation of the current Management Team of the school made by the AFA Board and the families sector of the School Board.

The signatories consider that the management team has been negligent in the management of the case detected by a family of the center, who warned of inappropriate sexual behavior between children. The negligence results from the non-activation of all safety and protection protocols for children since the first alert notice, in February 2023, and the delay in the implementation of appropriate measures until October 2023.

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To sign, you must be families/legal guardian of children currently enrolled at Pau Casals.

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  • As a parent/legal guardian of a child at the Pau Casals school, I demand the resignation of the current management team of the school at the end of this 23/24 academic year.

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