Summary of the Extraordinary Assembly of 9 November 2023

Session on the performance of the school’s management team in the face of inappropriate sexual conduct among students

Last Thursday, November 9, about 70 people attended the Extraordinary Assembly convened by the AFA Board of the school to report on the reasons that have led them to request the resignation of the school’s management team.

As requested in assembly, we share with everyone the minutes of the session, so that you know the chronology of the events and the motivations that led the AFA Board to demand the resignation of the Management Team of the school on October 3. Click here to read the minutes of the assembly.

Another of the agreements reached in the assembly was the collection of signatures among the families of the school who wish to do so to support the request for the resignation of the members of the management team (head of the school, head of studies and treasurer) made by the AFA Board.

The resignation must be effective at the end of the 23/24 academic year and not at the end of the mandate in the 24/25 academic year. In this decision, the harms that this would have on children with the course already well advanced have been taken into account.

This request is shared with the representatives of the families in the School Board of the center.

In order to sign the petition, please fill in the following form. You will need to prove that you are families/legal guardians of children enrolled at Pau Casals by presenting your ID card.

We appreciate your collaboration and we transmit our confidence in the protocols activated today, supervised by the Education Inspectorate.

Signature of the petition to request the resignation of the school’s management team >>